Glorybound Sighthounds

About Rita

I am a well-established, professional dog trainer and am also certified in canine massage and canine fitness. Learn more at Rita’s website: Canine Revival.

I fell in love with Irish Wolfhounds back in the ‘80s when I met the King at the Renaissance Festival. He had several Wolfhounds and I had never seen them in real life. He was most gracious in answering my multitude of questions and I was immediately captured by their magnificence and vowed to share my life with one (or 2 😄) someday.

Years passed and I never forgot about that promise to myself. I waited until the perfect time – I owned my own home with a large fenced backyard, had a big enough vehicle, a steady income, and a savings account set up for my pets.

Then it took me a while to find the perfect breeder! After meeting a few breeders that just didn’t click for me, I finally found Laurie Morris of Brimstone Irish Wolfhounds at a dog show. I met all her dogs at her home, loved every one of them, and knew I had finally found my breeder!

I finally got my perfect boy in 2005. The following year I was graced with a beautiful 2-1/2 year old girl who fit into our family exceptionally well.

Since that time, I’ve been active in the show ring and have shown several Wolfhounds to champions. I look for great conformation and exceptional personalities and have always found both in Brimstone Irish Wolfhounds, Nightwings Irish Wolfhounds – and now, Glorybound Sighthounds.

Dogs rule my professional life and my private life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!