Glorybound Sighthounds

About Cheyenne

When I was 10 years old, my Mom agreed that I was ready for a dog of my own. We already had two Irish Wolfhounds, so I knew I loved the sighthound group, but I thought a Wolfhound might be too big for me. I wanted to learn to show my dog at conformation dog shows. I did some research and decided on a greyhound, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any conformation greyhounds available at the time.

One weekend, my Mom had one of her Wolfhounds entered in a dog education show. The person organizing the show had a Borzoi, named Speedy. She asked me if I would be able to take care of Speedy for the day. I readily agreed and completely fell in love with Speedy that day! After that, I knew that I wanted a Borzoi. My Mom agreed, and a friend of ours helped us find a breeder in Fond du Lac Wisconsin — Dana and Ardietta Thompson of Dana Dan Borzoi.

I got my first puppy just before I turned 11. She was a beautiful white and brindle Borzoi and I named her Glory. We spent years together going to dog shows all over the country with my Mom. Glory became a Grand Champion! She went on to be the mother of the first litter of Glorybound Sighthounds. Ever since then, I have been passionate about showing, breeding, and raising beautiful, well-adjusted sighthounds.