Glorybound Sighthounds

Introducing the Ruailla Buailla Litter!

(pronounced “roola boola” and is Irish for “Cheerful Mayhem”)

Five beautiful Irish Wolfhound puppies born May 22, 2023!


Glorybound Sighthounds is a small family breeder of Borzoi and Irish Wolfhounds.


Meet "Messenger"

Messenger started the whole thing a day earlier than we had planned! When she was born, it took her a while to give her little puppy squeal but when she finally did – boy, was she loud! I felt she had a message for us, hence the name Messenger. She has quieted down now and is super outgoing and inquisitive about all things new.

Meet "Dash"

Dash was the 2nd born and he came along a few hours after Messenger. Right from the get-go, he wanted to eat and continued the dash for his mama whenever he was hungry! He’s become a pretty laid-back fella who loves cuddling and falls asleep in my arms often. I know that won’t last long as they all get bigger but I’m loving it right now!

Meet "Mo Chroi"

Mo Chroi (pronounced muh khree – Irish for “My Heart”) was our 3rd born. He’s the only one with a big white front paw, which I love. He is so sweet and absolutely loves his tummy rubs! He surprised me by being the first to venture to the far back of the yard on his own. He’s an explorer!

Meet "Presto"

Presto was the 4th born and took her time arriving! We thought her mama might need a c-section, so we headed to the vet. But hours after Mo Chroi was born – PRESTO! There she was! She is an independent, hard playing gal who loves to explore and loves her toys!

Meet "Rush"

Rush was the last born so he wasn’t in much of a rush then, but he sure was in a hurry from the minute he was born! When it was chow time, he was first to Mama’s milk bar and first to take a snooze with his full belly! He’s a cuddly guy and enjoys lots of active play then long naps. He loves belly rubs and he’ll absolutely melt your heart when he looks at you with his wonderful, soulful eyes.